They thought I was being ‘obstinate’…when I was just #ActuallyAutistic 

the silent wave

Before we left for the clinic, I asked my partner over breakfast, “how busy is your schedule today?”

He said, “I’ve got several people, although they’re scattered.”

In med school we were coached on how to schedule more efficiently.   I wondered out loud if this was a situation in which our assistant might need a refresher.

He said, “no, there’s no problem there.  Then again, I’m more ‘whenever the person wants to get in, get them scheduled’.  I’m not as picky about how it’s done.”

I bristled inside.  Was this a veiled criticism?   If it was, it was completely unjust: I would be the recipient of criticism for a trait that not only could I not change, but I had a long, futile, frustrating, and failure-rich history of trying to change.

I tried to keep the internal bristling in check, but I’m not sure how successful I was…

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