BSM | The Operator of Burnside: Frankie Charles

Young, black&

In the current DC Comics continuity, when Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) was shot she did not become permanently paralyzed.  After three years of physical therapy, she regained her mobility. It was while in physiotherapy that she met her future crime-fighting partner, Francine “Frankie” Charles.

Let me clarify: When I say that Frankie is a crime-fighter please don’t imagine Frankie going out and busting heads (but you can find a few panels of her doing just that). You see, Frankie suffers from muscle dystrophy- a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. This is the reason Frankie was in physiotherapy. She has limited mobility and must sometimes rely on the use of crutches or a wheelchair to get around. But don’t think for a second, Frankie doesn’t pull her weight on the team. Frankie knows her way around computers–she works her day job is as a coder (#BlackGirlsCode)…

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