Batgirl 52

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batgirl 52

Today, Mark and Drew are discussing Batgirl 52, originally released May 25th, 2016.

Mark: What is the best way to portray a female superhero?

Batgirl 52

The first sizzle reel revealed for CBS’s (now CW’s) Supergirl television series was met with a healthy dose of skepticism and derision since it included a number of moments where Kara is shown doing stereotypical “girlie” things and its The Devil Wears Prada-esque setting. Some compared it to SNL’s satirical trailer for a Marvel Black Widow movie that aired just a little bit before the Supergirl first look was released. The fact that Kara worried about boys at all or worked at a fashion magazine meant that she wasn’t a strong female character. I haven’t watched Supergirl at all outside of the pilot, but the general consensus of her portrayal now that the first season has concluded seems to be overall positive.

Likewise, Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart’s…

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Batgirl 5 review


422049-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Leading up to this issue, Batgirls’ been investigating “The Teacher” while travelling around Asia. The Teacher is a Chinese criminal who’s stolen a drug formula that greatly enhances brain function, but at the potential cost of losing your hair and potentially other side effects. The teacher is using it to help people who have trouble passing entrance exams, turning her into a much more sympathetic villain than usual for superhero comics. This issue concludes Batgirl’s first DC Rebirth story arc.

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Batgirl 9

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Today, Mark and Michael are discussing Batgirl 9, originally released March 22nd, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Mark: Of the recent Batgirl iterations, Hope Larson’s take on the character has been the most successful at embracing the many disparate aspects of Barbara Gordon’s life. As a young woman, Barbara is juggling her job, her schoolwork, her volunteer work, her friends, and dating all at once. That her job is vigilante heroism and not Starbucks barista undoubtedly separates her from her peers, but in most other respects she’s dealing with a lot of the same issues anyone who lives a busy life will face. But Batgirl embracing the work-life balance struggles of a young superhero is one thing, and making that dichotomy into a satisfying narrative is another.

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They thought I was being ‘obstinate’…when I was just #ActuallyAutistic 

the silent wave

Before we left for the clinic, I asked my partner over breakfast, “how busy is your schedule today?”

He said, “I’ve got several people, although they’re scattered.”

In med school we were coached on how to schedule more efficiently.   I wondered out loud if this was a situation in which our assistant might need a refresher.

He said, “no, there’s no problem there.  Then again, I’m more ‘whenever the person wants to get in, get them scheduled’.  I’m not as picky about how it’s done.”

I bristled inside.  Was this a veiled criticism?   If it was, it was completely unjust: I would be the recipient of criticism for a trait that not only could I not change, but I had a long, futile, frustrating, and failure-rich history of trying to change.

I tried to keep the internal bristling in check, but I’m not sure how successful I was…

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BSM | The Operator of Burnside: Frankie Charles

Young, black&

In the current DC Comics continuity, when Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) was shot she did not become permanently paralyzed.  After three years of physical therapy, she regained her mobility. It was while in physiotherapy that she met her future crime-fighting partner, Francine “Frankie” Charles.

Let me clarify: When I say that Frankie is a crime-fighter please don’t imagine Frankie going out and busting heads (but you can find a few panels of her doing just that). You see, Frankie suffers from muscle dystrophy- a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. This is the reason Frankie was in physiotherapy. She has limited mobility and must sometimes rely on the use of crutches or a wheelchair to get around. But don’t think for a second, Frankie doesn’t pull her weight on the team. Frankie knows her way around computers–she works her day job is as a coder (#BlackGirlsCode)…

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